“What’s the Point” Sponge

This is my “what’s the point” sponge! Because there’s no eggs, no butter, no nuts, no gluten…. But it’s YUMMY! Trust me!

125g/5oz sugar
60ml sunflower oil (or veg oil)
1tsp vanilla extract
1/2 ripe banana, mashed
150g/6 oz SR flour (if using gluten free add 60ml water as well)

Add cocoa powder (about 1tbs) with flour for chocolate
Add strong coffee (espresso or dissolved instant) – about 2-3 tbs
You can experiment – it’s pretty forgiving. As long as it’s a medium-thick batter at the other end!

As you can see, it’s basically an ‘equal quantity’ sponge cake with a mashed banana instead of the egg, and oil instead of the butter.

1. Beat the sugar, oil and vanilla together.
2. Mix the banana in until well mixed.
3. Add the flour and water (or other liquid) and mix well.

In a 190 degree oven (gas 5, a bit lower for fan)…
a 7″ round tin takes about 35 minutes
12 cupcakes takes about 20 minutes

To decorate cupcakes and keep them vegan I do a dipped icing – 1 cup icing sugar, 1 tbs (or good squeeze of tube) of glucose syrup, and a splash of boiling water, plus food colouring as desired! Mcrowave for 20-30 secs until almost boiling, stir well, then dip, twist and let dry. I do a second coat for effect to give a thicker coating – and often need to reheat the mix slightly.

You can also do a buttercream with vitalite for dairy free, but it’s not great in warm weather, and I don’t know if it’s vegan – label reading required!


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